If you’re wondering what we’re all going to do for work when the robots arrive, then creative job of the future, Drone Photographer, may be just be what you’re after.

Internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer and videographer, Elia Locardi has impressed DJI so much, they’re partnering with him to kick off a global Drone Photography Workshop tour. He has a strong social game with close to 3 million people across his Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat profiles. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 55 countries, flown over one million miles.

Cnet Australia has a great interview with Locardi from back in 2013 which gives a great insight into his talents and thinking, if you haven’t seen it, its well worth the 11 minutes.

From May this year, Elia take participants to some of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in the world to experience this new and exciting photographic artform using DJI drones. If you’re not familiar with his work, then check out the video below and you’ll quickly learn he’s great at what he does.


In addition to learning how to master drone photography both in the field and in post-processing, the workshop will also include safe piloting techniques using DJI quadcopters. As the official sponsor, DJI will provide workshop participants with complimentary access and exclusive discounts to the latest drone and imaging technology.

DJI’s Creative Director, Paul Moore said,

“We are very excited about this program because it will allow more people to experience the joy of flight while discovering some of the hidden gems around the world.

Learning how to fly with DJI’s aerial platforms has become much easier and intuitive, thanks to the on-board intelligence and safety features. Once users have mastered their flying skills, the natural progression is to perfect their camera work. The workshop is a great opportunity for participants to build on the fundamental techniques and open their eyes to a whole new world of creative possibilities.”

The duration of each workshop is two and a half days, with the first one taking place in Lisbon, Portugal on May 19, followed by Menorca Island, Spain in June, Singapore in August, and U.S. and Switzerland in the latter half of 2017.

Keep in mind, these aren’t designed for the weekend hobiest, these are serious, professional workshops designed for those who want to work in the industry. That means it’d be far easier to justify the price if you convince your boss to pay. For the 2 and a half day workshops, you’ll pay $1,495.00, which if you’re serious, will be less than the price of your drone and enable you to pickup skills that’ll allow you to charge thousands for your work, making a decent return on the investment.

Each workshop will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants, and registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re interested, head over to sign up or get more info at http://store.elialocardi.com/aerial-dji-drone-photography-workshops/.


Source : http://techau.com.au/job-of-the-future-drone-photographer-locardi-embarks-on-worldwide-tour-with-dji/

Etes-vous prêts à voir le monde comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu ? Le site AirPano, une société sans but lucratif, vous propose des photos panoramiques en haute résolution des plus beaux endroits de la planète.

Connu pour ses panoramas à 360 °,  le site vous propose également une collection de photographies magnifiques de villes célèbres, comme New York, Barcelone ou Paris, ou autres destinations dites "naturelles" comme les rugissantes chutes d'Igazu, en Amérique du Sud. L'équipe se compose de 12 membres, dont neuf photographes et trois pilotes (avion, hélicoptère et drone). 

N'hésitez pas à vous rendre directement sur le site AirPano, plus de 2000 panoramas sphériques vous y attendent. Contrairement aux photographies classiques, les panoramas à 360 ° permettent aux spectateurs de faire pivoter une image, de changer le champ de vision, ou encore de zoomer sur des détails. En attendant, voici quelques-unes de leurs plus belles prises aériennes.

Une petite mise en bouche : 

Central Park, New York, USA

The Churun-Meru (Dragon) fall, Venezuela


Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

Paris, France

Vallée du Silence, mont Everest, au Népal

Taj Mahal, en Inde

Guilin, en Chine

Flamants roses au lac Bogoria, Kenya

Lac Baïkal, Russie

Agrada Familia, Barcelone, Espagne

Barcelone, Espagne

Ploskiy Tolbachik, péninsule de Kamchatka, en Russie

Meteora, Grèce

Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon, Islande

La Place Rouge, à Moscou

La Grande Barrière de Corail, en Australie

La statue du Christ Rédempteur, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

Eglise de l'Intercession de la Sainte Vierge, Russie

Source : http://buzzly.fr/20-photos-du-monde-vu-d-en-haut-les-plus-belles-prises-aeriennes-17.html

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Drones haven’t just become an indispensable tool for scientists studying whales: Recreational aerial photography is also now a serious branch of photography, and the Australians are embracing this with a new competition designed to showcase the glories of the land—and sea—Down Under.

The contest, launched by aerial photography community SkyPixel in partnership with drone-maker DJI and Tourism Australia, launched today, March 3, and closes on May 2, and is open to both enthusiast and pro aerial photographers.

“Drone photography is gaining huge popularity in Australia, with the country home to a rising number of very talented aerial photographers,” said Lisa Ronson, Tourism Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s really exciting to be part of a competition which provides such a great platform for this new generation of content creators to capture the rich colours, patterns and textures of Australia’s diverse landscape and share this with the rest of the world.”

The grand prize winner will receive, naturally, a DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo drone package, as well as a three-day trip to Lord Howe Island and a three-day trip to Kangaroo Island. DJI are also giving away their Phantom 4 Pro drone and Mavic Pro drone to the second and third prize winners. For more information, check out the Skypixel competition page.


SkyPixel Launches 'Australia from Above' Aerial Photography Contest
DJI and Tourism Australia Partner for Country's First Large-scale Aerial Photo Contest

SkyPixel, the world's most popular aerial photography community run in cooperation with DJI, on Friday launches its first national aerial photography contest to showcase the stunning natural beauty of Australia as seen from drones and other aerial equipment.

The Australia from Above contest, sponsored by DJI and Tourism Australia, aims to inspire aerial photographers from around the world to share, enjoy and experience new creative perspectives of Australia. The contest is open from March 3 to May 2 and welcomes professionals and enthusiasts alike to share their visions of the country. Please find a link to the competition here: https://www.skypixel.com/events/australia

"Australia is a stunning, diverse country, from the inspiring expanse of its pristine white beaches to the raw power of its rich, red outback," said Danny Zheng, DJI Vice President of Marketing. "Capturing these landscapes from above empowers photographers to see Australia's extraordinary beauty in an entirely new way, and we can't wait to see the amazing images from inspired aerial creators."

"Drone photography is gaining huge popularity in Australia, with the country home to a rising number of very talented aerial photographers," said Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Australia. "Advances in technology are enabling us to tell Australia's story in ways previously not possible, and the levels of engagement we get when we share some of these amazing drone clips on our social channels is just extraordinary. It's really exciting to be part of a competition which provides such a great platform for this new generation of content creators to capture the rich colours, patterns and textures of Australia's diverse landscape and share this with the rest of the world."

The Australia from Above Grand Prize consists of a DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo drone package, a three-day journey to Lord Howe island for two and a three-day journey to Kangaroo island for two. Runners-up have a chance to win a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, a Mavic Pro drone and one of 10 Osmo Mobile handheld smartphone stabilized gimbals. Winning entries will also be showcased on the SkyPixel website as well as to DJI's millions of fans and followers across its social media platforms. Australia From Above is generously supported by media partners Australian Photography, Drone Magazine and Capture as well as other product sponsors.

To learn more about the contest and submit entries, please visit www.skypixel.com/events/australia.

The judging panel includes a select jury of renowned photographers and influencers.

  • Kirk Hille, Australian photographer and winner of SkyPixel's 2015 global photography contest
  • Mike O'Connor, Editor of Australian Photography
  • Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Australia
  • Tom Rex Jessett, professional photographer travelling the world and capturing its beauty

"I'm looking forward to seeing what fellow SkyPixel community members will share over the coming months," said Hille, who won the grand prize in SkyPixel's first annual worldwide contest with an image of a lone swimmer off the coast of Lucky Bay in western Australia. "As an Australian, I treasure the beauty of my home country and I was happy to learn it's the country of choice for SkyPixel's first national contest."

Source : http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-scuba-ocean-news/skypixel-dji-tourism-australia-launch-drone-photography-contest/

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Si les yeux du monde entier sont tournés actuellement vers Rio de Janeiro où se déroulent les Jeux Olympiques, on ne sait jamais ce que deviennent les installations olympiques après coup. Ces photos vont vous donner une certaine idée…
En effet, le contraste entre l’éclat doré des médailles et l’obscurité de l’après-JO ne semble pas avoir d’égal. Durant trois semaines, les sportifs peuplent le village olympique, les journalistes ont pris place tout autour et le public, venant des quatre coins du monde, sont là pour assister à l’événement.
Trois semaines durant lesquelles Rio de Janeiro est le centre du monde… Mais après ça, que se passe-t-il ? Que deviennent toutes ces installations spécifiquement construites pour les JO ? Tous les deux ans (on compte aussi les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver), une ville attire tous les regards durant quelques semaines avant de retomber dans l’oubli…
Finalement, toutes ces installations olympiques finissent, pour une grande majorité, abandonnées, désertées et envahies par la nature. Pour trois semaines de gloire, c’est beaucoup d’argent gaspillé quand on voit les ruines de ces installations.
Voici 24 photos d’anciens sites olympiques qui ne font plus rêver personne :


1 – La piste de bobsleigh à Sarajevo (JO d’hiver de 1984)

2 – Un bassin d’entraînement à Athènes (JO de 2004)

3 – Tour de saut à ski à Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italie (JO d’hiver de 1956)

4 – Piscine dans le village olympique de Berlin (JO de 1936)

5 – Tour de saut à ski à Grenoble (JO d’hiver de 1968)

6 – Complexe olympique transformé en cimetière à Sarajevo (JO d’hiver de 1984)

7 – Tribunes pour le kayak et la canoë à Athènes (JO de 2004)

9 – Arène de beach-volley à Pékin (JO de 2008)

10 – Piscine olympique à Athènes (JO de 2004)

11 – Village olympique à Berlin (JO de 1936)

12 – Les mascottes abandonnées de Pékin (JO de 2008)

13 – Les porte-drapeaux à Athènes (JO de 2004)

14 – Des barricades abandonnées en dehors du stade olympique d’Athènes (JO de 2004)

15 – Village olympique à Berlin (JO de 1936)

16 – Piste de saut à ski vu d’en bas, à Sarajevo (JO d’hiver de 1984)

17 – Fontaines au village olympique d’Athènes (JO de 2004)

18 – Court de tennis à Atlanta (JO de 1996)

19 – Terrain de beach-volley à Athènes (JO de 2004)

20 – Bassin de plongée à Athènes (JO de 2004)

21 – Arrêt de train au stade olympique de Munich (JO de 1972)

22 – Stade olympique d’Atlanta en destruction en 1997 (JO de 1996)

23 – Parcours de kayak à Pékin (JO de 2008)

24 – Stade olympique de Sotchi (JO d’hiver de 2014)

Source : http://demotivateur.fr/article/installations-olympiques-jo-abandonnees-ruines-6853

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